Strong JP International Sdn. Bhd.
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From Our Chairman....

Strong JP International Sdn Bhd was established in November 2013.  It is an alliance of two very unique and reputable professional firms in the region.  Strong Engineering Consulting Co Ltd is the leading provider of geospatial information in Taiwan, offering innovative solution for the complex and challenging tasks of modelling the earth, while Jurukur Perunding Services Sdn Bhd has built its in house capabilities, capacities and competence since 1974, in land surveying, aerial mapping, remote sensing and geomatic related services in Malaysia and neighbouring countries.
This strategic partnership of the two is rested on the foundation of drawing on each other’s strength, in both technological advancement and human resource development, with the ultimate goal of providing accurate, reliable and useful data of the earth for a sustainable development.  Being an organization responsible to determine the location of all things on the earth surface and below the sea, we are constantly in close contact with the Mother Nature.  We have witnessed how natural resources and environment have been strained by development on one hand, and the benefit people enjoy from all these infrastructure development on the other. 
It is therefore our mission in Strong JP International Sdn Bhd to continuously pursue pioneering technologies, to empower the planners, engineers, plantation owners, developers and all stake holders with the right information and tools, so that all necessary development projects are executed effectively and efficiently.  Modelling the earth in high degree of reality will help minimizing the damage to the delicate ecosystems and safeguard the scarce natural resources.  We do our part so that our future generations have a better place to live in.
Dr Khoo Boo Khean