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Street View Acquisition

IMS3 Mobile Mapping System

    MMS can be uesd to capture image data through omni-directional cameras installed at the top and rear of the vehicle, and with the help of GPS hardware devices and additional sensors ie. Inertial Measurement Unit, IMU, the high accuracy position information can be easily acquired through the camera vector technology. Base on the system feature of mobilityand flexibility, quick and economics efficiency actually are the great advantages for choosing this unique servey solution. There are several applications including:
    • Roadmap Digital Archive
    • Census of Roadway Facilities and Database Establishment
    • Roadway Management
    • Building Measurement
    • Acquire GIS and Web GIS Data
    • Computer Graphics Combines with  Realistic Scene
    • Digital 3D City Modeling



    Special Features

    • 720-degree seamless spherical image coverage without blind spots

    • Display GIS data on the image as 3D objects

    • 3D measurement can be done within & across image frames

    • 3D models can be added onto camera image for realistic simulation


    • Highly compatible interactive 3D information management software